Friday, April 6, 2012

The Things I Do For This Kid...

I just drove 52 miles round trip for this toy:

It came from the $1 bin at Target a few months ago. Mr Man decided he had to bring it with us this week when we went to see a friend. We left in a hurry between thunderstorms and it didn't make it back to the car. I didn't even realize it until Boogs was looking under all the furniture repeatedly saying, "Boo." This is the only toy he is attached to and calls by name. I looked at 3 stores for a replacement and tried six alternative cars. No dice.
So we drove 26 miles, met my friend, retrieved the toy, and came home today.
I have already stated that I assume it is made of horrible, horrible materials. Materials that likely cause polio, leprosy, and foot odor. Ideally, all his toys would be all natural and from renewable resources. They would promote early Algebra, perfect enunciation, and good credit scores.
But he's 16 months old. He wants his his blue truck.

Plus, I may be able to use this as leverage when I'm old and he's choosing my care facility. :)

(No, this will NOT be a pattern. This was his first favorite toy. I gave in. He's cute with it and I was weak. Flame me if you must.)


jhl said...

Love it! :) Happy ICLW ... I'm parenting a very opinionated 15 month old myself, and I suspect I will do something equally insane someday soon ...

Leigh said...

What a sweet story! I love that you drove so far for a $1 toy! That is true love. Glad your son has his "boo" back!

Here from ICLW and I can't wait to read your cloth diaper posts as I am just starting to reasearch cloth diapers and feel so lost!