Sunday, April 1, 2012

10 Minutes of Zen...

If you don't cloth diaper, you are going to think I am crazy. Heck, some of you who do cloth diaper will think I am nutso. 
But there are some out there like me... And this is for you!

I just spent 10 minutes before bedtime doing a fold, stuff, put away, and mini re-organization of my stash. And I am so happy. I hit this little zone of contentment when I am organizing the dude's fluff - I can't explain it to outsiders.

I get to fold and arrange some of the cutest little poo catchers in the world. Right now I am grouping within categories. So I have fitteds organized by WAHM, then I have all my PUL diapers grouped in hues with my WAHM diapers mostly in their own little section, all my covers, and finally my wipes and liners. My doublers and prefolds are in cute fabric bins next to the diaper bureau (yes, bureau). I may change my system after next washing back to grouping by maker - then type - then color. Or maybe I'll do a little ROY G BIV in reverse, types of dipes be damned!
Oh the choices!

So that was my 10 minutes of Zen.

(I have never claimed to be 'normal.' But I assure you I am not the only cloth diapering mama who loooooves her stash. I'm just out of the closet!)