Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ohhh, The Back!

I am really trying to finish up my Cloth Diapering 101 info series, but my back has gone into a complete spasm. Ugh.
I've seen a doctor twice about this in less than a week. Seems like everyone wants to throw muscle relaxers and pain pills at me, tell me to apply heat, to take it easy, and (my personal favorite) tell me not to lift over 5 lbs.  I will add that every person who has said this has been a man. Hah! How can I not pick up a toddler who has an ouchie?! Or who just wants mommy to hold him?!  But I am trying to sit on the floor and hug him instead of lifting him up so much until I heal. It's an adjustment to say the least! This kiddo loves to be carried or worn, so he's going through withdrawal!

My delay in the Cloth 101 series is partly finding a comfy place/position to sit in, and partly that when I am able to sit comfortable and type, I can't gather my thoughts because I have taken one of the aforementioned muscle relaxers. I can manage, "Tree pretty. Fire bad." Not very riveting prose.

As soon as I am able to type sans prescriptions, I will tackle the drafts I have saved on the 101. I'm hoping it's tomorrow or Friday at the latest!

Until then, I am going to relax, try to unclench my back, will a bulging disc into behaving properly, and stare slackjawed at the little sparkles floating around. (Yes, my mother is here during the day while Hubs is at work to help with Boogs since I can taste the color purple and hear plants whisper. I'm not Parenting On Pills!)