Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why I Haven't Been Posting Much...

My 'Feel Bad' hurts.
I have Lupus and Sjogren's and one or both have been acting a fool in my body as of late.

We have been trying to find a pain control regimen that is breastfeeding friendly. It CAN be done, it just takes patience and letting go of the expectation of being pain free. I am finding a place I can function at without being on horrendous meds or being looped out of my mind from pain pills. 
So it's been a challenging few months.
I see my rheumatologist again in a couple of weeks for more steroid shots in my joints and another pain med adjustment. We are doing everything we can the natural route with combining herbs and extracts with stretching and biofeedback, but it's a rough road.
It's more than a little frustrating that it's not a visible disease at the moment. I am not in a skin outbreak of Lupus, thank God (I had the worst case any of my docs had EVER seen with lesions on over 95% of my body), so I look normal right now. It's nice to not look like a leper. It's frustrating because folks tend to forget you're sick if you don't look it. I just hate having to remind people that I am hurting and fighting a disease. 
"Oh, Lupus? You still have that?" Yep.

OK. I'll stop the blah blah I hurt, blah blah. We all have our crosses to bear, I know that.
I am trying to find a way to manage mine and not short-change this little guy:
Because he's what matters most. :-)

I will try to post more and regularly. I know I still have my little Cloth Diapering series to wrap up and I have been doing a few crafty projects I'd like to post. Oh, and I have been sewing and crocheting like crazy for my little shop- as soon as I take some pictures I have several things to put in it!


Ren said...

Hello from ICLW!

Yes, please continue the Cloth Diapering series. I still have it bookmarked for that day I finally get my BFP.

Ducky said...

Invisible diseases/disabilities, etc. are so tough. I also have dealt with this and sometimes the looks I get just add to the pain we feel physically. I hope you feel better soon!

ICLW #27