Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cloth 101: All In One Diapers (AIOs)

An All In One (AIO) is exactly what it sounds like - the whole shebang is one piece. Nothing to stuff, nothing to cover, nothing to snap in. You put in on baby and Bob's your uncle! Good to go.
AIOs are often called "Dad friendly" or "Sitter Friendly" because they are so easy (not that pockets or AI2s are 'difficult').
So what does one look like? I will show you two bumGenius AIOs (LOVE my BGs. Love love love them.):
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You can see it's pretty simple. Next to baby's skin is usually a stay dry material like suedecloth, but it can also be a natural fabric (think bamboo or cotton velour - mmmm... squishy soft!).
Then there is an absorbent core. The one shown to the left has a microfiber soaker sewn to the back of the stay-dry lining.
Then there is an outer, water proof PUL shell.
But it's all one handy dandy piece!
(This is a bumGenius newborn AIO to the left. They used to make other sizes, which I have a ton of, but sadly they quit making the sized AIOs).

To the right is another bumGenius AIO, the Elemental. It has organic cotton next to baby instead of stay dry material. This one has the soaker layers exposed instead of hidden. They way they are separated cuts drying time way down.
Then it has the waterproof PUL layer.

( I know most of my illustrations are of bumGenius products. Yes, I really love their diapers. They also happen to have some pretty awesome pics and descriptions. :)   )

The pros to an AIO cloth diaper are that it's, well, all one piece. There's no stuffing, no need for covers, nothing to snap in... It's all there ready to go.
The downside of it all being one piece is they tend to take longer to dry. Often, a great deal longer. If you have a decent sized stash and can afford to hang a diaper for over 24 hours (indoors), then no worries. If your stash is small, you may find yourself needing to dry them in the dryer - and sometimes for longer than the rest of your diapers.

So another style with both good and not so great points.

And for your enjoyment... Here's Boogs sporting an AIO in one of my favorite pics of him:
No, you can't really tell it's an AIO, but look how stinking cute he is! This was last summer. Oh, he's so big now, and he's changed so much. How I loved all those rolls! *sniff* I'm gonna go crawl in bed with him and snuggle before he goes to college next week... Bye.

What's next? AI2s? Wool? Fitteds? Oh my!