Saturday, September 10, 2011

I've been MIA...

Sorry for the lack of posts. It all went to poop when we were sick and lost power for a week at the end of June. Ugh. I was without access to the interwebz for a week and life kind of happened. I haven't had a minute to sit and post.

To catch you up a little...

We have 3 teeth now and have two more coming in. I have coined the term 'Miserababy' to describe my once sweet child.

Snoogs is crawling and cruising furniture. Lord, help me!

Another part of the delay was my dad having a heart attack and quintuple bypass surgery. He's recovering amazingly well, but it was rough there for a bit.

I'm making blankets now! Snuggly, cuddly, awesome baby blankets! More on that later.

Also, Mr. Man was 28.5lbs and 32in long at his 9 month appt. He. Is. Huge.

OK. That's about enough catch up for now. I promise a real post very soon!!